BREATHE California has taken positions on current legislative bills in accordance with our statewide priorities for the 2021 legislative session. We have been actively tracking topics of concern (Tobacco & E-cigarettes, Green Technology, Air Quality, Respiratory Health Management) as they influence state policy and ultimately work in favor or against the respiratory health and well being of the vulnerable populations we serve.

The following are 2021 bills supported by BREATHE California:

Air Quality:

AB 52 (Frazier) – California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006: scoping plan updates: wildfires. 


AB 73 (Rivas, Robert) – Employment safety: agricultural workers: wildfire smoke. 


AB 648 (Fong) – Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund: healthy forest and fire prevention: appropriation. 


AB 766 (Gabriel) – Ambient air quality standards. 


AB 976 (Rivas, Luz) – Resilient Economies and Community Health Pilot Program. 


AB 1001 (Garcia, Cristina) – Environmental permitting and air pollution. 


SB 260 (Wiener) – Climate Corporate Accountability Act. 


AB 1141 (Frazier) – Wildfires: Wildland Urban Interface Fire Research Center. 


AB 1142 (Frazier) – Fire prevention: detection and response. 


AB 1296 (Kamlager) – South Coast Air Quality Management District: district board: membership. 


SB 63 (Stern) – Fire prevention: vegetation management: public education: grants: defensible space: fire hazard severity zones: forest management. 


SB 109 (Dodd) – Office of Emergency Services: Office of Wildfire Technology Research and Development. 

Clean Transportation:

AB 365 (O’Donnell) – Sales and use taxes: exclusion: zero-emission and near-zero-emission drayage trucks. 


AB 111 (Boerner Horvath) – Transportation: zero-emission vehicles. 


AB 122 (Boerner Horvath)  Vehicles: required stops: bicycles. 


AB 117 (Boerner Horvath) – Air Quality Improvement Program: electric bicycles. 


AB 906 (Carrillo) – Zero-emission trucks: tax and fee exemptions. 


AB 970 (McCarty) – Planning and zoning: electric vehicle charging stations: permit application: approval. 


AB 992 (Cooley) – Hybrid and Zero-Emission Truck and Bus Voucher Incentive Project. 


AB 1110 (Rivas, Robert) – Zero-emission vehicles: California Clean Fleet Accelerator Program: sales and use tax exemption: Climate Catalyst Revolving Loan Fund Program. 


SB 18 (Skinner) – Green hydrogen. 


SB 551 (Stern) – California Electric Vehicle Authority. 


SB 643 (Archuleta) – Fuel cell electric vehicle fueling infrastructure and fuel production: statewide assessment. 


SB 671 (Gonzalez) – Transportation: Clean Freight Corridor Efficiency Assessment. 


AB 347 (Arambula) – Health care coverage: step therapy. 


AB 563 (Berman) – School-based health programs. 


AB 752 (Nazarian) – Prescription drug coverage. 


AB 933 (Daly) – Prescription drug cost sharing. 


SB 568 (Pan) – Deductibles: chronic disease management. 


SB 487 (Rubio) – Tobacco Education and Research Oversight Committee. 

Coalition Work

Breathe Southern California is a proud member of several local and state coalitions, including the following: 


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