Breathe Southern California is a proud member of several coalitions to advance the cause of air quality of lung health at the state and local levels of government.  We are members of the following coalitions:

  • A. Families Fighting Flavored Tobacco – We work to ensure local jurisdictions have strong regulations against the sale of flavored tobacco products. We are also working to ensure that SB 793, California’s state law that ends the sale of flavored tobacco products statewide, stays on the books with a “YES” vote in November 2022.
  • Asthma Coalition of Los Angeles County – The Asthma Coalition of Los Angeles County is a collective, powerful voice for policy and systems change to prevent, minimize, and manage the burden of asthma.
  • Community Action to Fight Asthma (CAFA) – CAFA works to shape local, regional, and state policies to reduce environmental triggers of asthma among school-aged children where they live, learn, and play.
  • Chronic Care Policy Alliance – Public health organizations work together to ensure that gaps in chronic care bridged through policy advocacy and reform.
  • Commercial Harbor Craft Regulation Coalition – A group of environmental and public health organizations are working to ensure the California Air Resources Board enacts stricter regulations regarding commercial crafts. We demand a broad and swift transition to zero-emissions harbor crafts as quickly as possible.
  • Other informal coalitions that Breathe Southern California is proud to be a part of include various legislative coalitions to pass strong bills in Sacramento and local coalitions such as those intended to serve populations in disadvantaged communities.

Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding our coalition work, please contact Raj Dhillon, Senior Manager of Advocacy & Public Policy, at