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Project Grow

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BREATHE LA is pleased to introduce a hands-on, garden-based learning program aimed to enhance students’ environmental literacy. Project GROW complements the O24U® environmental education program, emphasizing the connection between the environment, food, and health. This addition to the BREATHE LA O24U® program is a localized response to the need for creation and expansion of nutrition promotion efforts to improve neighborhood food environments among underserved and disparately impacted Los Angeles County communities presently served by the O24U® program.

Project GROW supports Los Angeles County Department of Public Health initiatives to narrow the environmental literacy gap among Los Angeles communities inversely plagued by the social determinants of health impacting access to healthy food choices. Participants are introduced to key concepts related to the plant cycle, urban garden ecosystems, healthy food choices, food justice, and food security. Students will learn about how healthy food options are inextricably linked to community health and how food justice is inarguably interconnected to the obesity epidemic plaguing Los Angeles County. Project GROW participants will be empowered to lead advocacy efforts that confront issues of food deserts and food injustice that affect their health and the health of their communities.

The coupling of O24U® and Project GROW aims to ultimately reduce the health burden plaguing low-income communities of Los Angeles County, decreasing obesity and associated complications such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes and joint degeneration and empowering youth to lead efforts within their own community that promote gardening and healthy eating habits.

Tomando Control de Su Salud

BREATHE LA collaborated with Partners In Care Foundation™ to exclusively offer our Better Breather’s Club® members an evidence-based program on Chronic Disease Self-Management, Tomando Control de su Salud. A Stanford Small-Group Self-Management Program, Tomando Control de Su Salud was developed by the Stanford Patient Education Research Center to specifically assist Latinos with chronic illness based on self-efficacy and the confidence one has to master a new skill or affect one’s own health. Tomando Control de su Salud is a 6-week workshop facilitated by two certified leaders leading a once-weekly curriculum that benefits individuals living with chronic disease such as COPD. Tomando Control de su Salud Discussion Topics include:

  • Healthy eating
  • Appropriate exercise for maintaining and improving strength, flexibility, and endurance
  • Managing depression
  • Appropriate use of medications
  • Communicating effectively with family, friends, and health professionals
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Appropriate use of the health care system
  • How to evaluate new treatment
  • Better Breathing

For more information on the program, click on the link here, or follow the link below:

CVS #BeTheFirst Anti-Tobacco Public Service Announcement Contest

Student filmmakers from high schools and middle schools across the state received regional honors in the third annual Anti-Tobacco Video Contest for the Public Service Announcements (PSA) produced to raise awareness of the dangers of tobacco. The contest, organized by Breathe California as part of a $100,000 grant from CVS Health, invited middle- and high-school students in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Jose and San Francisco to submit a PSA video on their vision of the first tobacco-free generation.

Our regional winners can be viewed in the playlist below, or by clicking the link:

Lung Power

BREATHE LA created the Lung Power program to empower families and school staff with the knowledge and confidence necessary to effectively control childhood asthma. In partnership with Training and Research Foundation, BREATHE LA’s Lung Power program provides comprehensive training on compliant management of childhood asthma at TRF’s 15 Head Start and Early Head Start program sites in South Los Angeles. Lung Power’s newly revamped curriculum places a special emphasis on increasing awareness about the California Self-Administered Asthma Medication Law, which allows students with asthma to carry and self-administer their prescribed asthma medication at school. Under this new focus, Lung Power improves parent knowledge on managing their child’s asthma at school, thus empowering parents to advocate for their child’s appropriate Asthma Care Plan when their child transitions to elementary school.

Lung Power’s Asthma Education Workshops Focus On:

  • Trigger recognition
  • Asthma symptom and medication management
  • California Self-Administration Medication Law
  • Health advocacy and self-management skills

By increasing knowledge about childhood asthma and asthma management, families become the ultimate advocate for their child’s health through BREATHE LA’s Lung Power asthma program.

  • Asthma can intervene in your child’s daily and physical activities. However, symptom management and knowledge of child’s asthma medication will empower you to effectively control your child’s asthma, resulting in overall greater lung health so that your child can lead a full and active life.
  • Asthma can also disrupt your child’s participation in the classroom, prevent your child from attending school, and ultimately limit his or her academic achievement. However, by learning what triggers your child’s asthma attacks and how to reduce your child’s exposure to those triggers, you prevent asthma attacks from occurring while allowing your child to successfully obtain an education and decreasing absenteeism.
  • Effective communication with your child’s doctor is vital for getting the best asthma treatment for your child. Your child’s doctor can accurately diagnose and prescribe the most effective and safest asthma medications to treat your child’s asthma. Thus, your child’s doctor will be an important resource guide as you create and manage your child’s unique asthma care plan and Individual Health Plan (IHP) to control their symptoms.
  • As you gain a greater awareness of the school policies and procedures related to asthma in schools, your awareness and compliance with those policies will assign responsibilities and establish ongoing teamwork and communication between your family and school staff and among staff members. By learning about compliant asthma management through your Head Start program, you will become more familiar and confident in being able to navigate and comply with asthma-related policies and procedures when your child transitions to elementary school. As a result, you can improve school readiness and ensure that your child’s school is equipped to meet your child’s health needs.

To learn more about Lung Power and how to become an advocate for your child’s asthma management, please contact BREATHE LA for more information.

Breathe LA - Archived Programs - Lung Power

Better Breather's Club®

Individuals diagnosed with COPD often need support from not only health professionals, but also peers and others diagnosed with COPD. BREATHE LA’s Better Breather’s Clubs®are designed to encourage COPD-diagnosed individuals and their families/caregivers to share challenges and discover new ways to have a better quality of life living with the disease. BREATHE LA collaborates with various Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programs throughout the Los Angeles area to provide patient-centered approach to managing COPD. Better Breather’s Clubs® meetings are held once monthly, facilitated by bilingual Health Educators.

Better Breather’s Club® Joins COPD Patients Together to Share Information On:

  • COPD self-management
  • Healthy eating habits
  • Coping strategies for living with a COPD diagnosis
  • Exercising with COPD
  • Energy conservation and identifying ways to make traveling easier with COPD
  • Decreasing frequent urgent doctor visits
  • New technologies for self-management
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Walk with a Doc

What better way to start your weekend than on your feet making strides to help your heart and improving your general health to live longer! Walk with a Doc is a walking program for everyone interested in taking steps for a healthier lifestyle. While you walk at your own pace, you’ll have the opportunity to have questions answered by local physicians. Walk with a Doc is full of diversity from the novice to regular walkers and every age and race!

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Archived Events

SCAG’s The Changing Landscape of Mobility in Southern California

The Transportation Landscape In Southern California Is Changing. Quickly.

Electric scooters, electric bikes, and bicycle sharing programs are popping up in communities across the region. With the construction of new transit lines, a wider network of bicycle lanes, and more pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods, communities are rethinking how to get from place A to place B. Add in ride sharing, car sharing, electric and automated vehicles, and the addition of innovative concepts like a Hyperloop, who knows how we’ll get around next year, let alone in a decade.

BREATHE Southern California (BREATHE SOCAL) invited locals to join the mobility conversation. In partnership with the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG), we discussed how the changing landscape of transportation in our region affects communities and feature a panel discussion with local leaders on transportation options, and tangible strategies for harnessing new technologies to benefit everyone.

2018 Film Series: The Forgotten Plague Tuberculosis in America

About the Film: By the dawn of the 19th century, the deadliest killer in human history, tuberculosis, had killed one in seven of all the people who had ever lived. The disease struck America with a vengeance, ravaging communities and touching the lives of almost every family. The battle against the deadly bacteria had a profound and lasting impact on the country. It shaped medical and scientific pursuits, social habits, economic development, western expansion, and government policy. Yet both the disease and its impact are poorly understood, as in the words of one writer, tuberculosis is our “forgotten plague.”

Meet the Panelists

Chana Gazit

Award-winning producer/director/writer with extensive experience in nonfiction filmmaking. Her work has been honored with multiple EMMY nominations and three EMMY Awards. Additionally, her work has been recognized by the Alfred I. duPont-Columbia Journalism Awards, the Peabody Awards, the Writer’s Guild Awards, the Sundance Film Festival, and a host of other industry honors.

Dr. Julie Higashi

Dr. Higashi received her MD and Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Dr. Higashi with collaborators established a publication record with articles in peer reviewed medical journals on various topics of TB control that span policy, molecular epidemiology, contact investigation, and TB diagnostics. Dr. Higashi joined the LA County Department of Public Health in 2016 as an Area Medical Director in Community Health Services and was appointed the TB Controller and Director of the TB Control Program in August of 2016.

Dr. Yossef Aelony

Dr. Aelony graduated from University of Minnesota Medical School in 1965 and is board certified in Internal Medicine and Pulmonary Disease. He completed his post graduate training at UCLA Medical Center including a fellowship in pulmonary disease between 1970-73 at Harbor UCLA, partially sponsored by LA County Tuberculosis Control. Currently, Dr. Aelony is a per diem TB Clinician with Los Angeles County and the City of Long Beach and Emeritus Professor at Harbor UCLA in the Division of Respiratory Medicine and Physiology.

2018 Breath of Life Awards® Photos:

BREATHE SOCAL hosted its annual Breath of Life Awards® on April 27th at the La Brea Tar Pits Museum to recognize individuals, corporations and civic leaders for their successful leadership in supporting clean air and healthy lungs.