The Roaring '20s Centennial Gala

Celebrating 100 years of service

Word in town says that there’s going to be a swanky, bootleg party on Saturday, November 20th from 6:30pm – 11pm at a secret Los Angeles ‘speakeasy.’ We’ve heard that all the coolest cats will be there. So get all “dolled up” and join us for a night of celebration!

We’ll go back in time and kick up our heels to dance, eat, and celebrate 100 years of the Trudeau Society, Breathe SoCal’s network of pulmonary physicians, surgeons, nurses, and other lung health professionals.

Please join us to ‘put on the Ritz’ as we celebrate this historic milestone, have a swell time hoofing it up with your special doll or fella, and raise funds to support Breathe SoCal’s programs to clean our air, reduce tobacco use, and provide education and support to kids, families, and seniors living with lung disease.

Make sure to keep your evening open for this Roaring ‘20s-themed in-person gala, because this ‘sockdollager’ is gonna be the ‘bee’s knees!’

Your Support Makes A Difference!

Ticket and sponsorship proceeds from the Roaring ‘20s Centennial Gala benefit the work of Breathe Southern California. Since 1903, we have worked to improve the air quality and lung health of Southern Californians. We primarily target underserved populations through a wide variety of programs and projects that improve community health though education, advocacy, research and technology. Specifically, we address the following:

  • Childhood Asthma – Providing support to kids with asthma and their families through our Lung Power program.
  • COPD – We hold a six week program to improve the quality of life for COPD and emphysema patients.
  • Emphysema/COPD – Screening adults for chronic lung diseases like emphysema, COPD and asthma at community health fairs and through our Adult Lung Health Workshops.
  • Anti-Tobacco / Anti-Vaping Education – Educating kids and their parents on the harms of smoking and vaping through our FiRST! program (for students) and our Clearing the Air: The Vaping Trend program (for parents and teachers).
  • COVID-19 – Putting on community educational webcasts which have reached over 600 people on Zoom and Facebook Live
  • Environmental Education – Over the past 20 years, educating more than 50,000 middle school students  about clean air and the environment through our O4U® environmental education program.  
  • Clean Technology Education – Showcasing zero-emission vehicles through community workshops to help alleviate concerns, convince people to make their next car a zero emission vehicle, and understand the benefits of replacing diesel buses and trucks with cleaner vehicles.
  • Physician Education – Serving medical professionals through the Trudeau Society with lectures, panels and conferences on lung health issues, including our annual Pacific Coast Lung Health Conference and our California Research Forum on Lung Health
  • Lung Health Research – Conducting research, such as our current community health study examining how air pollution in Southern California is affecting people with asthma in the underserved northeast San Fernando Valley.
  • Anti-Tobacco Advocacy – We are working to enact local ordinances that will ban flavored tobacco and vaping products in cities across the Southland.
  • Clean Air Advocacy – Advocating to end the use of diesel fuel and diesel engines and to move to cleaner fuels through our End Diesel Now campaign,  
  • State Legislation – In 2021, we successfully sponsored a new law (AB 619) that will address the public health impacts of wildfire air pollution in California.
  • Wildfire Prep – Conducting workshops to educate folks about preparing for wildfires and understanding the impact wildfire smoke has on public health.
  • Community Engagement – We sponsor film screenings, panels, and workshops to highlight air pollution and lung disease, and we sponsor volunteer projects that will produce verifiable air quality benefits with the goal of making LA’s air as clean as it can be by the time we host the Olympic and Paralympic games in Los Angeles in 2028.
You Can Make An Impact

Consider making a meaningful gift to support Trudeau Society in reaching another 100 years! The first 100 individual donors of $1,000 or more to the Centennial Celebration are noted as part of our 100 for 100 giving circle. They will be recognized as such at events and in publications during the Centennial Celebration and will receive a special 100 for 100 Centennial donor gift.

I am unable to attend, but YES! I want to make a donation of:

$1000 – Help reach more Fellows with Trudeau Society educational programming and networking opportunities

$1,500 – Help provide an engaging lecture during the fiscal year’s Trudeau Society Program Calendar

$2,500 – Help provide one engaging educational panel discussion to Trudeau Society members

$5,000 – Provide two engaging lectures or a pro/con debate for Trudeau Society Members

Making a meaningful gift to Trudeau Society is easy, here are some ways to make your gift:

Centennial Circle Donor Wall

A special thank you to our Centennial Circle members who have made a donation of $1,000 or more to ensure Trudeau Society continues its mission of Life Lung LearningTM with the goal to increase knowledge and awareness about the latest trends and research in chronic lung disease and patient care.

Dr. Yossef Aelony

Dr. Jyoti S. Datta

Dr. Arthur Gelb

Dr. Philip Gold

Dr. Joseph H. Kuei

Dr. Silverio M. Santiago

Dr. Guy Soo Hoo

Dr. William Stringer

Ms. Anita Quiñonez Gabrielian


Become a member of our Centennial Circle and receive access to a full year of Trudeau Society meetings, lectures, and exclusive discounts with our corporate partners like Asics and Corkcicle!


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Reasons to Give

Nine reasons to make a gift to Trudeau Society.
As the only remaining Trudeau Society organization in the nation that shares, educates, and connects with a rich history, the Trudeau Society is essential to our physicians and its community. Trudeau Society is named in honor of Dr. Edward Livingston Trudeau (1848-1915), the first doctor to develop the sanatorium concept of treating tuberculosis. A tuberculosis survivor, Dr. Trudeau discovered that with rest, fresh air, and a balanced diet, TB patients could completely recover. In 1885, Dr. Trudeau opened the Adirondack Cottage Sanatorium, best known as the “Little Red Cottage,” at Saranac Lake, NY, the first sanatorium for TB patients in the U.S. Our research, programs, and services focus exclusively on lung health. If you want to see its heritage preserved, Trudeau Society is the place to give.
Founded in 1921 Trudeau Society is the one of the oldest historical society in the country in honor of the first doctor to develop the sanatorium concept of treating tuberculosis. As long as there is a need for lung health, there will be a need to connect, educate, and share its history.
No other organization is exclusively devoted to lung health research, education, and Dr. Edward Livingston Trudeau’s legacy. Nowhere will you find a more extensive network and experience related to lung health. Our programs continue to increase in size every-day thanks to the support of generous donors.
Trudeau Society is affiliated with Breathe Southern California, an independent, nonprofit, donor-supported organization, not a state-funded organization. All of our work to educate, research, and shape the future of lung health depends on donations and contributions from people like you.
We are accessible to the entire public, whether it is a person in California who is interested in learning more about lung health, a student in San Diego who is researching lung cancer, a resident researching lung diseases, or a local reporter who is looking for context on how lung health impacts public health in our day to day lives. We are a resource to all.
Our mission is focused. By giving to the Society, you know that your gift will be going to support life saving programs, building a powerful network, and sharing of the Society’s history—period. And, by giving to the Society, your investment stays right here in your community.
Your financial contribution supports assets that grow over time and projects that last such as research, publications, and recorded lectures. Everything we do, however, is ultimately focused on education. The more people learn about Trudeau Society, the more our heritage becomes common knowledge. And knowledge is truly cumulative.

The Society manages itself prudently and for the long term. Our steering committee physicians are among the most respected in the industry, our executive management is solid, and our governance practices meet the highest standards for nonprofit institutions.

The Society exists today in all its vibrancy due to the contributions of many individuals who have given generously of themselves. We are grateful to the generations of Society donors who have come before us and together created an organization of enduring value. That legacy continues today, and individuals remain the Society’s largest and most loyal source of support. Be a part of the legacy and give today.