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Breathe Southern California's Breathe Easier™ offers adults and seniors a free lung screening capacity test using a spirometer and provides lung health and wellness information to encourage healthier lifestyle habits and seek appropriate care earlier.

The goals of Breathe Easier™ include:

• An ability to identify risk factors and triggers for COPD as they relate to smoking, airborne environments, and indoor toxins
• Greater awareness of COPD risk
• Greater motivation to advocate for quality care services for themselves and their communities
• Reduction in ER visits and hospital admission rates due to COPD-related symptoms

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Program Details

Target Population: Adults and Seniors
Workshop Time Frame: 45-60 minutes
Assigned Individuals: Health Educator and Registered Respiratory Therapist
Locations: Senior Centers, Community Centers, Health Clinics, Health & Community Fairs, and Virtual Workshops

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