O24U Environmental Education Program

Gilmar Flores MPH Breathe SoCal

Breathe SoCal’s O24U® environmental educational program empowers youth in underserved communities with the health education tools necessary to improve their indoor and outdoor environments, manage lung health risks, and prevent related illnesses such as asthma. The program uniquely addresses environmental education and encourages youth to become advocates for clean air and healthy lungs by promoting sustainable behaviors in support of a healthier environment and greater lung health for themselves and their community.

The O24U® curriculum consists of five distinct modules:

• Health Breathing
• The Rising Climate
• Wildfires
• Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle
• Energy and Sustainability

Modules include fun, interactive activities that educate and empower students to become advocates for clean air within their homes, schools and communities.

Program Sponsor

Thank you SoCalGas for helping make O24U® possible in our communities!

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